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Welcome to FunionFS

FunionFS means an Union filesystem for the FUSE driver.
This program works only with the Fuse driver which is natively included since the 2.6.14 Linux kernel.

Above all, what is an Union filesystem?

It is a method used when one wants to manufacture LiveCD Linux such as Knoppix: support (CDROM) is only a read-only one.
The operating system, however, needs to write on this filesystem.
The method consists in superimposing (Union) on the read only filesystem, a small size read-write one.
This filesystem (often stored in a RAMDISK) contains all the modifications made by OS on the CDROM content.
This method is often used for of Linux Stored in a PROM or a compressed file like in CRAMFS.
The 7 last news

Version 0.4.3 - by apiou 11/03/2007 @ 23:10

Another maintenance release of FunionFS. Some bugs corrected.

A new release will come soon with a rewrite of the directory management that will correct some problems that are happening when overlaying many directories.

FunionFS is in DEBIAN - by apiou 01/02/2007 @ 20:18

Before the arrival of the new Release, i would like to point you that FunionFS is now in the DEBIAN distribution.

I remind for your information that FreeBSD and Crux distribution contain FunionFS in a native way.

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Version 0.4.2 - by apiou 15/08/2006 @ 18:15

This is a maintaining version of Funionfs which makes some corrections of minor Bugs and add two new features:
  • A log file which traces various operations
  • A control file that permits to modify dynamically the behaviour of Funionfs
Funionfs now has his own man page and uses autotools.

The 0.4.x series is the stable release of Funionfs before the stabilisation of the 0.5 release.

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Version 0.4.1 - by apiou 12/06/2006 @ 21:49

New 0.4.1 version !

This is a bug correction release. This version replaces the 0.4 one which has many flaws

A big great thank to all of the bug reporters

I've added a little feature (thank to michael for the suggestion) that permits to change the suffix for deleted files. with this enhancement, you could inbricate several funionfs mounts

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Version 0.4 - by apiou 26/05/2006 @ 23:06

The 0.4 version is out with a lot of new features:
  • You now could overlay multiple filesystems.
  • Funionfs is now compatible with the syntax of unionfs. Moreover, funionfs is compatible with the mount syntax and you can now add entries in your fstab with funionfs.
  • Support of xattr has been added.
  • Support for ownership of file creator is added.
  • Funionfs is compatible with fuse 2.5 and 2.3 (just modifiy the define in the Makefile).
  • You can create fifos with Mknod

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Version 0.3 - by apiou 29/01/2006 @ 22:57

Yes, Another new version of Funionfs.

Please, send me bug reports by mail if you find one.

No new functionnality but plenty of bug corrections. Thanks to Julien Rivaud:
  • Bug corrections. Mainly when coying from readonly filesystem to the readwrite one. This impacts the mknod, mkdir, symlink, rename, link functions. Now, these functions are working correctly in any conditions.
  • Correct a Bad bug in the link function.
  • when doing "ls", symbolic linked files status are not correctly read. Corrected !

The development will continue with a better compatibility with the mount command (coming version 0.4).

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Version 0.2 - by apiou 17/01/2006 @ 01:43

Some bug corrections on the path management when copying readonly Filesystem to the Read/write One.
Suppress diags.
Improvements on the device file management.

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