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Users - 1 - Installation
It's easy to install Funionfs.

First at all, verify that you are using a kernel 2.6.14. if not, use a kernel with the FUSE patch.

If you don't have such a kernel, or if you don't know how to do that, go to the FUSE web site (consult the Link section). There you would find some explanations.

FunionFS was tested with FUSE 2.3.0 and FUSE 2.5.2. It's better to compile the program with a similar version of FUSE.
The binary generation is very simple to do:
  • First at all, download the compressed file in the download section
  • uncompress it: type "tar xfz funionfs-x.x.tar.gz"
  • go to the created directory and type "make"
  • The FunionFS program was created.
It is advised to copy this program into /usr/sbin to take the advantages offered by the mount command.
If you wish to use mount, you must have on your system an order mount.fuse.  If it is not the case. check your installation of fuse which should be incomplete.

For the use of the FunionFS program go to the "how to use" section

Creation date : 31/12/2005 @ 18:51
Last update : 26/05/2006 @ 22:37
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