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Users - 2 - How to use
The use of this program is very simple.

First at all, locate the Readonly directory. We call it "ro_dir".

Then, locate the readwrite directory. we call it "rw_dir". This directory will be overlayed over the readonly one to create the composite filesystem.

The mount directory will be called "mnt_dir".

If you prefer that anyone can access the union filesystem, the following option (from FUSE) could be used: -o allow_other.

Moreover, if you want to mount over a directory having already a content, you could add: -o nonempty.

The following command will mount the union filesystem:

funionfs -o dirs=ro_dir=RO:rw_dir  -o allow_other NONE mnt_dir

You can also use the mount command like this:

mount -t fuse -o dirs=ro_dir=RO:rw_dir -o allow_other funionfs#NONE mnt_dir

For a verison 0.3 of former of funionfs, the command line is:
funionfs rw_dir ro_dir mnt_dir -o allow_other

Now, you can do some modification in the mnt_dir directory and verify the inpact in the ro_dir and in the rw_dir.

Creation date : 31/12/2005 @ 19:17
Last update : 21/11/2006 @ 00:48
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